Hidden Cove

A Serene Place

Evening Light

Sunrise Across the Bay

Another Fine Day

Morning Sun

Sunlite Cove

Morning Reflections

Morning View

Morning Sunlight

Nesting Place

Sea View

Cliff top View

Sea View Through the Hills

'Watching' -  Bovine Study - Acrylic

Red Sails...

Into the Sunset

Setting Sail

Clear Horizon

Only Dreaming - Acrylic

Into the Sun - Acrylic

An Estuary View - Acrylic

Summer Sail - Acrylic

Resting in the Shade

Tree in Landscape

Sunset and Boats

Path to the Big House

Veiw through Sunflowers - Acrylic

Sunflowers and Crows - Pastel


Holm Oak in Spring

Mono photo print painting bees on statice

Bee on statice mono photo print painting

Celtic Buddha copper plate print

Evening Walk Home - Oil

Night Fishing acrylic

The catch SOLD

Purple Haze - Pastel

Buddha Mandala 2

Buddha Mandala 5