Lustre Pot with Frog

Lustre Lidded Pot

Lustre Decorated Bowl

Lustre and Coloured Glazed Lidded Pot

Lidded Pots Coloured ans Lustre Glazes

Lidded Pot with Coloured and Lustre Glazes

Leaving the Nest

Leaving the Nest - Side View

Leaping Frog Dish

Leaping Frog Dish - Side View

Heart Dish

Cuckoo in the Nest Pot - Side View

Big Fish Little Fish Dish

Feathers and Eggs Bowl

Impressed Jugs 2

Feathers and Eggs Bowl - Side View

Impressed Jugs

Sculptured Bowl with Lizard and Frog - Side View

Sculptured Bowl with Lizard and Frog

Shell with Fish and Frog

Shell with Mermaid - Side View

Shell with Mermaid

Square Dish

Fish on a Shell Dish

Two Fish on a Dish - Side View

Dragon Fish Dish - Blue

Dragon Fish Dish - Yellow

Large Black and Red Pot

Large Bowl  with Blue and Gold Amonites

Large Net Pot

Ceramic  Bugs on Tyre Tread

Ceramic Black and Red Frog

Ceramic Gold Frog

Ceramic Green Frog

Chinese wall plaque 2 Sold

Chinese wall plaque SOLD

Chinese wall plaques SOLD

Detail Chinese wall plaqua

Gold and red pot 1

Gold and red pot 2

Gold and red pot 3

Marbled dishes